I got backyard Chickens!

Oh, my goodness 5 of the most adorable little baby chicks you have ever seen are currently chirruping and scratching away in my room inside there little round home. I am a first-time chicken mama. Honestly it seems this part is the easiest, so far. We bought a little hen house thinking my husband would build a run for them. Now he does not have the time to build it, and were scrambling to find a run for their little hen house to go in.

We have 4 different breeds and 5 chickens we got from my pet chicken. They were shipped to us over night, arrived safe and well. We got 1 light Braham, 1 buff orpington, 2 easter eggers, and we think the final one is a partridge cochin. It’s going to be interesting.

I am going to try do weekly videos and blogs about their growth and progress. Right now, there tiny but are growing fast. See the full VLOG on my YouTube channel.


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