Soil, it’s more than DIRT!

Hello all, I have not been posted in a while, but if you follow my YouTube channel, you know I’ve been posting like crazy, lol. I wanted to do a blog today on an issue that is problematic for us all, that is the depletion of nutrients need in our soils that will continue to help grow and sustain our food sources due continue use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. This issue was brought up by another well know YouTuber who received backlash after doing a video discussing the contaminated soil, she received that was now affecting her garden negatively. Many of us wanted to show our support of her knowledge and strength for having the courage to bring it to such a large audience.

Please watch the video, follow the recourses in front of you in this blog, be a #raindrop #raindropofdecision. Below is what is wrote in the description of the video.

Below is what was wrote in my description of the video Be a Raindrop.

Be a raindrop in this large vast pool of humanity. The message is simple, it is clear, but more importantly, it is truth. In a world of so much deception, science is always truth. Yes, it is ever evolving, ever changing; why, because it must be. It’s amazing to think, just a small Urban Garden can and will have a huge impact on our environment, climate control, and help to heal our great Mother Earth. #bearaindrop #raindropsofdecision #healthysoil @Roots and Refuge Farm @Boots and Bounty Homestead

We learned 92 years ago how important soil was to humanity, to life, and to our sustainable food source. Yet today, we have so many who are willing to evolve, to learn, to be part of the solution instead of the problem. Yet here we stand again, divided. A great professor (she was great) once told a story during a ritual I attended during a women’s retreat weekend, It only takes 1 to take a step, and 1 to invoke change, and 1 to make a difference and impact which will cause others to follow. In your rant Jess @rootsandrefuge you did just that. We followed!

I CHOOSE to be a #RAINDROP in Jess’s pool! But more importantly in the future generations of my own family! I will always make a #raindropdecision for the greater good of our great Mother Earth, for my grandchildren, for their children, for my future great grandchildren; why, because sometimes the hardest thing you will ever do in life, is to stand UP for what you believe and do the right thing! Jess, you have been a great motivator in my journey to join the YouTube world. You and others like you introduced me to a platform to create a portfolio for future events in my life. Your passion is inspiring, your love and willingness to see only good in others no matter what, is unwavering. Thank you!

LSU College of Agriculture ( Home Gardening Class)… Books, Scientists, Movies, and YouTube videos mentioned in the video.

1). Jess from Roots and Refuge’s video (My first ever rant video)

2). Drawdown by Paul Hawken – Bio sequestration, storage and removal of carbon from the atmosphere by photosynthesis, plants of bacteria, is using plants, trees, animals and techniques to capture and store in the soil and contain for decades in not centuries. We could reverse global warming in 30 yrs.…

3). Ray Archuleta, Conversation Agronomist, NRCS Dust Ball of the 1930’s……

4). John Wick, co-founder, Marin Carbon Project

5). Kristin Ohlson, chief scientist, Royal Institute…

6). Mark Hyman, MD, director, Cleveland center for functional medicine. He says, our health is connected to the health of the plants and animals we eat.

7). Maria Rodale, chairman and center for Rodale institute.

8). Alan Savory, founder of holistic management…

9). Jeff Creque, Ragland director carbon cycle institute. This is what he had to say to farmers in, according to the United Nations the remaining topsoil will be gone in 60 years. Unless we find a way to save our soil, we have 60 harvests left!

10). Stephane Le’Foll, French Minister of agriculture Inra science team.…

11). Andre Leu, president, organics international said, If all we talk about is reducing admissions, its not enough. Best way to do that is through regeneration agriculture, be it land or urban gardens. We as urban dwellers can make a great impact in helping Mother Earth by simply planting a tree, flowers and yes even a small garden. You do not need acres and acres to build a food forest to do this. It can be done in a few hundred square feet, or less.…

12). Gabe Brown, regenerative rancher – Movies, Netflix – Kiss the Ground Happen Films on YouTube – Living the Change… Food Forest revisited, 5 yrs on…


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